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This Man Saw A Baby Bear Near Death And Risked His Life To Give It A Second Chance

Not many people would risk their life to save a sick baby bear. However, when Corey Hancock came across a cub on the brink of death, there was no way he could leave the animal to die.

Hancock, 41, is an experienced hiker from Oregon and he was well aware of the danger that could befall him while saving the baby bear. Many mama bears will leave their cubs alone while looking for food, but it was clear that this little guy had been on his own for a long time. He was emaciated, hardly breathing, and lying flat on his back in the pouring rain. Without human intervention, he was bound to die.

Hancock took a picture of the struggling baby bear, then watched the cub from a distance. As time passed, it was clear that the mother was nowhere in sight. Finally, he sprang into action. He snatched the cub, wrapped it in a flannel shirt, and began the mile-and-a-half run back to his car.

Hancock knew that if the mother was nearby, she was likely to attack. Nevertheless, he held the bear close and kept running, risking his own life to save the tiny, sick animal.

A friend suggested that Hanncock take the baby bear to the Turtle Ridge Wildlife Center, an Oregon-based rescue that specializes in caring for injured and orphaned wildlife. On the way, he had to pull over and give the bear mouth-to-mouth resuscitation multiple times. Unsure if the bear would make it, he decided to name him Elkhorn.

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