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Romney’s first zinger: ‘Trickle down government’!/ashvinlad/status/253663516588904448

Right out of the gate.

Twitter likes it:

Romney spawns a hashtag in his first attack: #trickledowngovernment

— The Dartmouth Review (@DartmouthReview) October 4, 2012

#trickledowngovernment Romney comes out swinging!

— Daniel (@dgb422) October 4, 2012

Obama has no response to #TrickleDownGovernment

— R Jones (@rjPHX) October 4, 2012

#trickledowngovernment!! FANTASTIC!

— — Bonk — (@BonkPolitics) October 4, 2012

#trickledowngovernment yes. That is a zinger.

— Independence Jack (@GodTexasCountry) October 4, 2012

damn. #trickledowngovernment That was a slick line

— L. Cardinal (@lcnal) October 4, 2012

The term was used by columnist George Will last month.

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