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Baja Bob's Mai Tai Mix – 32oz – Cocktail Mixer – No Sugar Added

Baja Bob’s has been making zero calorie, sugar free, and low carb cocktail mixes since 1999. Making a delicious tropical rum Mai Tai Mixer that tastes authentic isn’t easy. Baja Bobs has perfected the Mai Tai recipe.

The world’s first sugar free mai tai that tastes delicious. Who says sugar free has to taste bad? No artificial after-taste! There are other brands selling sugar free low calorie cocktail mixes. Have you tasted them? They’re either diluted to reduce calories or sweetened with erythritol. Baja Bob’s Hawaiian island mai tai mix creates a delicious rum cocktail using splenda. We’ve tried all the other sweeteners and they just don’t taste right.

Baja Bob’s makes authentic sugar free margaritas, daiquiris, pina coladas, or chocolate mudslide mixers. Read our reviews! There will always be a few haters in the review. We do our best to please every pallet.

Each bottle of Mai Tai Mix makes up to 8 cocktails per bottle. Simply add 4oz of Mix with 1oz of dark rum and pour over ice. Yum!

Made-from-scratch taste. Great for keto-style low carb diets, diabetics, and those recovering from bariatric surgery needing to stay of sugar.

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