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Heh: Drew Carey tweets a PSA on spooning [pic]!/DrewFromTV/status/325703719658323968

Snort! Ah, a much-needed moment of levity after a terrifying and heartbreaking week.

Twitter users are embracing the reminder, but are offering up some suggestions of their own: Twitter style!

@drewfromtv I so like spooning, I spork.

— TenaciousArtPimp (@TENACIOUSART) April 20, 2013

@drewfromtv Communists.Communists don’t like spooning.

— macguyinnc (@macguyinnc) April 20, 2013

Spooning, forking, hell I’ll use chopsticks if I have to! RT @drewfromtv: Hey who doesn’t like spooning? 🙂…

— Tony Muckleroy (@TonyMuckleroy) April 20, 2013

Practice safe spooning! RT @drewfromtv Hey who doesn’t like spooning? 🙂

— brian warden (@wardenville) April 20, 2013

Oh no! Spooning is a gateway embrace:

@drewfromtv spooning leads to forking.

— DiscoveringHighLife (@DiscHighLifeTV) April 20, 2013

Heh. Keep the much-need giggles coming, Twitter.

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Obama: ‘Susan Rice is extraordinary’ and ‘I couldn’t be prouder’ of her!/markknoller/status/273883717993377792

Hey, look, it’s a day ending in “y” so it’s time for President Obama to pat U.N. Amb. Susan Rice on the purty little head again.  At the start of his Cabinet meeting today, President Obama called the potential Hillary Clinton replacement “extraordinary” and praised her effusively for “the job she’s done.”

No mention that the “job she’s done” included spreading falsehoods about the Benghazi terrorist attack, natch.

After calling Amb Rice “extraordinary,” Pres Obama went on to say he “couldn’t be prouder of the job” she done for the US.

— Mark Knoller (@markknoller) November 28, 2012

Rice, of course, ate it up.

.@jbendery And for the record, cuts cam shows Rice smiled and laughed as the Cabinet applauded.

— Shawna Thomas (@ShawnaNBCNews) November 28, 2012

Well, isn’t that extraordinary.

Forgive us for keeping this short. This love fest has us feeling extraordinarily queasy.

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