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Chick-fil-A kiss-in total bust vs. Appreciation Day success in pictures!/VAKruta/status/231542916991029249

As Twitchy reported this morning, the media was swooning over, and waiting in breathless anticipation for, the “kiss-in protest” scheduled to occur at Chick-fil-A restaurants today. All while ignoring the massive turn-out for Chick-fil-A Appreciation Day on Wednesday; that narrative didn’t suit!

Some media outlets were so desperate to build a false narrative, that they resorted to harassing Chick-fil-A employees today themselves. Their attempt at creating a narrative has failed massively, as on-the-scene reports and photos attest.

Just got back from Chick-fil-a tons of cops, media, and customers. No protestors, great sandwhich #freeSpeech #ChickFilA

— Jamie_Gums (@Jamie_Gums) August 3, 2012

"It remains unclear whether protest will generate huge crowds that turned out Wed…" No, not unclear AT ALL #TotalBust

— MushKatniss (@MushKat) August 3, 2012

The media still desperately tries to create buzz.

Organizer of nationwide Chick-fil-A Kiss-In is from Dallas, and here tonight. Talking with media now.

— Teresa Woodard (@twoodard8) August 3, 2012

#kvpnewsroom : @annemakovec reports on #chickfilakissin for #cbs5am #fb @ CBS 5 ENG (New)

— Kris Vera-Phillips (@queenkv) August 3, 2012

Alas, it is to no avail. The “protest”? Oh, our sides! Slacktivism is hard.

A little passive protesting to start a weekend @ Chick-fil-A

— Brian Putnam (@puttywood) August 4, 2012

Take that! @ Chick-fil-A

— Jennifer Gritti (@pinksneaks) August 4, 2012

They will defeat you … with yoga!

Chick-fil-gay kissable protest. Stop the hate…. Anti-chick-fil-a… @ Chick-fil-A

— mikal forbush (@dreadmalik) August 4, 2012

That dude is so bored that he has succumbed to corporate evil: Texting on his smart phone.

These two sum it all up.

Protester at the Chick-Fil-A drive thru – SD Sports Arena

— Loic Hostetter (@LoicHostetter) August 3, 2012

Oh, the crowds! How will pedestrians ever muddle through the massive throng?

Now, a reminder for the willfully ignorant, like “real journalists,” of what Chick-fil-A Appreciation Day, not worthy of media coverage, looked like.

Line is out the door at lunchtime on "Chick-fil-A appreciation day"

— WLSAM890 (@wlsam890) August 2, 2012

Chick-fil-a appreciation day. Safe to say its slightly more crowded than usual. #supportchickfila

— Tanner Taylor (@TTAY24) August 1, 2012

Chick Fil A appreciation day!!! God is good… So many people the line is outside and the drive thru is wrap

— Bernice Jere (@bee6mwanawako) August 1, 2012

Chick-Fil-A Appreciation Day. Yes, that is a line.

— Cory Epps (@CoryEpps) August 1, 2012

LOVE IT! RT @votegun: Chick-fil-A Appreciation Day. Guess I wasn't the only one! @ Chick-fil-A #wiunion

— Deb Williams (@DebWilliams57) August 1, 2012

Chick-fil-a is so crowded it's awesome!!!

— Savannah Pendergrass (@savpenny) August 2, 2012

Line extends outside at @ChickfilA ! @michellemalkin @TwitchyTeam

— Tim (@Verletzt) August 1, 2012

Many, many more photos here. Provided by citizens who were doing the job that the media didn’t want to do.

The “massive” protest today?

At @Chick-Fil-A at 101 and Raintree. Not 1 'Protester' here but I do see a few #TeaParty bumper stickers on cars. #AnotherProgressiveFAIL

— Never Forget (@ArizonaLuke) August 3, 2012

To make it easier for the “real journalists,” we can break it down even further. It is a tale that can be told in just two pictures.

Compared with this.

Photo: Braving the line at Chick-fil-A. #chickfila (Taken with Instagram at Chick-fil-A)

— Tony Feagin (@thetonyfeagin) August 1, 2012

Freedom wins. Bullying loses.

Epic fail, leftist tolerance tyrants. Freedom, and freedom-lovers, will always prevail. We’re good like that.

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Clear Channel caves to leftist thugs, takes down anti-voter-fraud billboards!/keithboykin/status/260368297499955201

As Twitchy has reported, Clear Channel recently came under fire from leftist bullies for giving space to anti-voter-fraud billboards in Wisconsin and Ohio. Liberals claimed these billboards were racist, intimidating, and in violation of voters’ civil rights. Clear Channel had initially refused to dismantle the billboards and said they would remain through Election Day. That was then.

The media giant now says that the signs will be taken down and replaced with ones that read: “Voting is a right. Not a crime.” Never mind that the original billboards never contradicted this new message. They stated correctly that voter fraud — not the act of voting itself — is a crime. Nevertheless, lefties would not be satisfied until their opponents’ voices were silenced, and now, it seems they’ve gotten their wish.

Liberals rejoiced at the muffling of free speech:

A WIN-Know those Voter warning billboards in black communities owned by Clear Channel who’s partially owned by Bain?They will be coming DOWN

— NYgrooveX (@NYgrooveX) October 21, 2012

Justice prevails. Clear Channel will remove 30 racist billboards in… #Ohio #VoterIntimidation

— Connie Schultz (@ConnieSchultz) October 21, 2012

.Mitts Bain Owned Clear Channel has Egg On Its Face – Its Voter Fraud Billboards only reinforce GOPRNC Own Voter Fraud! Oops Down They Come!

— Jon Hardie (@pocojuan) October 22, 2012

“@ariberman: Clear Channel agrees to take down menacing ‘voter fraud is a felony’ billboards targeting minority voters in OH & WI”Hooray !

— crankydem (@crankydem) October 21, 2012

There is hope! RT @connieschultz: Justice prevails. Clear Channel will remove 30 racist billboards in Cleveland.… #Ohio

— Rachel R. (@missrrachel) October 21, 2012

Voting rights victory! Clear Channel agrees to take down billboards intended to intimidate voters. #votersuppression…

— Inez Friedman-Boyce (@inezf_b) October 21, 2012

We’ve beaten back voter suppression! Clear Channel will take down intimidating billboards. #votingrights

— Lawyers’ Committee (@LawyersComm) October 21, 2012

GREAT NEWS! Thanks to YOU the “Voter Fraud” billboards seen in Ohio and Wisconsin are coming down.

— Election Protection (@866OURVOTE) October 21, 2012

Thanks to YOUR actions, the “Voter Fraud” billboards seen in Ohio and Wisconsin are coming down. Way to go!

— Election Protection (@866OURVOTE) October 21, 2012

Squeeky wheels work: RT @dane101: Voter fraud billboards to come down, Clear Channel to replace w/ voting rights msg:

— EPWisco (@EPWisco) October 22, 2012

Victory! Clear Channel is taking down the “Voter Fraud Is A Felony!” billboards in Cleveland!

— Truly S. (@hotincleveland) October 22, 2012

Clear Channel to take down voter intimidation billboards, great work everyone!…

— CommonCause (@CommonCause) October 21, 2012

We will not stand for voter intimidation! “Voter ID billboards coming down” via @politico

— Gwen Moore (@RepGwenMoore) October 22, 2012

Holy schitt! Clear Channel did something good! (after they did something super-schitty.)…

— Sean Gallagher (@seagalla) October 22, 2012

@truethevote clear channel pwnd yall lmao.. Those billboards ya put in black and latino neighborhoods!

— J-Instinct (@JayInstinct) October 22, 2012

Lefty group Lawyers Committee for Civil Rights Under Law issued a press release this morning:

Washington, D.C. – Civil and voting rights groups today commended Clear Channel Corporation for agreeing to take down a number of billboards placed in predominantly African-American and Latino neighborhoods in Cleveland, Columbus, and Milwaukee.  The groups had mounted a campaign over the past week to persuade Clear Channel to take down the billboards, which warned of criminal penalties for voter fraud and were designed to stigmatize and intimidate minority voters.  The billboards were anonymously financed.

“This is an inspiring victory for the communities that fought back against these billboards,” said Barbara Arnwine, president and executive director of the Lawyers Committee for Civil Rights Under Law. “Free speech is a right of all Americans, and citizens used their voice to organize and oppose this targeted suppression tactic.  Clear Channel did the right thing by responding to the outcry.”

“Clear Channel’s decision to take down the intimidating billboards is a victory for free, fair and accessible elections,” added Brenda Wright, Vice President for Legal Strategies at Demos.  “Norton Outdoor should follow suit and stop promoting fear tactics that discourage eligible Americans from exercising their right to vote.”

Conservatives were disgusted by Clear Channel’s shameful moral buckling:

Dems INSIST on fraud, bully Clear Channel | Billboards touting penalties of voter fraud to be removed

— Tamra Varebrook (@TamraTellsIt) October 22, 2012

The cowardly Clear Channel forces an end to the entirely factual billboards warning that vote fraud is a crime.…

— Ryan Drexel Rawson (@ryandrexrawson) October 21, 2012

Telling people a crime is a crime is POLITICAL hate speech… who knew? #wiright…

— BadgerVoters (@BadgerVoters) October 22, 2012

@repgwenmoore @politico How is stating the “LAW” voter intimidation? As a Rep YOU should b BACKING what the “LAW” is. Shame on you AGAIN.

— Patricia Prasser (@pprasser_) October 22, 2012

Clear Channel reneges: gives “family foundation” ultimatum on voter fraud…

— Charles Sykes (@SykesCharlie) October 22, 2012

Family that paid for “voter fraud” billboards feared for children’s safety if Clear Channel outed…

— Charles Sykes (@SykesCharlie) October 22, 2012

Sykes said that he spoke with the man whose family was behind the original billboards. According to Sykes, Clear Channel told this man that he needed to either reveal his family’s identity or remove the billboards.

He and his wife briefly discussed the choice and quickly decided that they were not going to back down, even though he knew that he and his family would be subject to a firestorm of controversy and personal vilification. A quick Google search of voter fraud billboards yielded hundreds of thousands of hits. I suppose you could say that he and wife were naive: they had thought they were simply being good citizens providing important information about ballot integrity. They had trusted the integrity and their contract with Clear Channel. And now they had a decision to make.

The head of the foundation read me a statement about his decision to go public and agreed to post it on this website. It was a powerful declaration of free speech, the importance of election integrity, and the responsibility of voters in civil society. He understood that this would become a national story and that it would affect both his family and his business, but said that he felt it was worth it. He said he would send it to me early Saturday.

But that night, his children expressed strong objections, fearing not only for their parents’s safety, but also for the safety of their grandchildren, who they felt might be put at risk by the forced disclosure of the family’s name and involvement in the billboards. Reluctantly, he and his wife concluded that they could no go forward with exposing their family.

The family is right to be concerned for their safety. The Left has proven over and over again that it’s not afraid to use vicious tactics to silence the opposition.

The plot thickens! Someone post reward for identity of Clear Channel billboards buyer, no doubt high-ranking Republican operative! #nerdland

— ThingsThatMakeUGoHm(@KaylaWildflower) October 21, 2012

Shame on those who claim to value free speech above all else painting a target on those who exercise it. And shame on Clear Channel for enabling these thugs.

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